Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ossum Boogie

Just had an email from Timm Sure of Coyote Sounds and Is It Balearic?
about this tune we put together during the sessions for the Floorman album.

A cheeky little number - always goes down well on the dancefloors - posting here for your listening pleasure.

Been remixing a couple of Floorman tunes for an autumn release on vinyl: this may end up out at some point, possibly on one of the edits eps I'm planning...

Floorman - Ossum Boogie mp3 (MediaFire)

Ossum Boogie.mp3


Notch said...

"..parlous state of their industry." Indeed.
great tunes!
embeddable player?

Anonymous said...

Fucking top tune - made me smile after a shite afternoon in Warsaw. Paul

Anonymous said...

From who is that original tune?

I like yours very mutch