Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Beginning?

Been meaning to get back to posting for some time...

Today seems a good day to restart: at long last, after eight long long years, I heard words of hope and eloquence spoken by a US President, and today just maybe, the world turned a corner. If Barack Obama can deliver one tenth of people's aspirations for his presidency he will be one of the greatest leaders we have seen for many years. And maybe, just maybe, the world can grow to love America again: his inauguration speech suggested that the US is about to be transformed, from the top down.

Been a very long time coming.

Something I did a while back for the dancefloor - bit cheesy, bit clunky in places, but it's what I've got for you today... more very soon (I mean it this time!)

American Boy (Floorman's Free World Edit) mp3

American Boy (Floorman's Free World Edit) mp3

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