Friday, February 1, 2008

Prince On The One

There's something seriously wrong afoot when an artist decides to sue his fan sites for using his image, which is allegedly what was occurring with Prince at the tail end of last year.

Whatever the truth of the matter, the track that The Purple One produced in response is by far his funkiest outing for many a moon. This is a very simple re-edit to make the track more playable to my Saturday night crowd. The man still has it: just wish we could hear more like this.

As usual, this is up for one week only. Please support the artists (even if they sue you)...

1 comment:

lil m said...

hey floorman

i'll gladly check out some of yer edits,

oh and p.s

I am Lil Mike and appreciate you linking me up in yer highly selective blogroll...

thatnx... and after I'm done sucking up some tunes I'll gladly return the favor stranger!