Monday, February 18, 2008

Back Once Again

Great to come back to find some very positive comments on the Edits/Productions posted so far - thank you to everyone who got in touch.

Some great music coming from my Bocajito and Nottingham homeboys soon - look out for some Crazy P, Neon Heights and Secret Stealth soon. Crazy P have just finished mixing their new album 'Love On The Line', and it's a real belter: they've recorded all the tracks live in their studio - a big progression from the excellent 'Night On Earth'. I've been honoured with pre-release versions of the album for some time now, and there's dancefloor goodness aplenty...
Meanwhile Secret Stealth are hard at it in the studio recording their third album with Stealth /Stack vocalist, Holly Backler- from what I've heard so far it's going to be their finest to date.

I've been busy keeping up with our 15 week old son, so music and blogging have taken a back seat, though there's some new edits on the way soon.

Thought I'd post a trio of Hip Hop covers by way of a change-

Al Ben Azza - Concrete Schoolyard (YSI)

A great acoustic guitar 7" version of one of Jurassic 5's finest moments.

Ba Barracus Band - Mama Said Knock You Out (YSI)

Crazy Percussion-driven monster of a 7" that re-energises LL Cool J's classic.

The Gourds - Gin & Juice (YSI)

Imagine if Snoop Dogg was a Good Old Boy from Alabammy, chewing baccy with his white trash brothers while picking a mean banjo... Probably the most genre-bending cover version of all time???

And for those of you looking for another lengthy Floorman edit to spin while you take a much-needed break from the turntables, here's my segue mix of student favourites Jurassic 5's rumpshaking mid-tempo number 'In The House' with the original sample source, The Graingers' classic 'Shine Your Light'.

Shine Your Light In The House (Floorman's Disco Edit 2) - J5 vs The Graingers (YSI)


Anonymous said...

man i just stumbled across yer blog, every track is amazing, enjoyin the education,can wait for more, Mouse (derry, ireland)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work there mate, only just spotted this but I think I'll be rinsing this all summer long.


Anonymous said...

ohh, the J5 disco edit is excellent. really good work mate. shaking to it now.