Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where did that month go??

Time seems to be running away from me at present, can't believe it's nearly a month since I last posted...

Today I have a few items from the Floorman vaults.

First up is:

Closer To Me - Floorman(YSI)

from the Floorman Presents Stack album on Bocajito. Shameless self-promotion, I know, but this track features the incredible talents of Holly Backler, on top form both lyrically and vocally; together with some deft keyboard wizardry from the one and only Jim Baron, and some astonishing bass action from the mighty Ming on his beloved 64 Fender Precision, Bootsy. Inspired by a lengthy solo Jim played over the rough instrumental version of the track, which in turn reminded me of Carl Craig's stunning remix of 'Out Of The Storm' by Incognito - can be found on Headphone Sex- which incidentally owes no small debt to Kool And The Gang's Summer Madness (youtube link). Holly was given a title and the rest just followed on from there. Probably my favourite track from the album.

Next we've a slow-burning unreleased disco dub I did a while back. Hamilton Bohannon is one of the all-time great disco producers, and IMHO this work with the glorious Caroline Crawford is his finest hour. The original track runs at around 130 bpm, but I wanted to take it down a notch, dub it out and extend things a tad. This reedit runs at 124 bpm, is tempo-sync'd for the lazier DJs amongst you, and at just over nine minutes long offers plenty of time to head for the bar/toilet/nearest girl before you segue seamlessly into your next dancefloor monster.

Comin On Slow (Floorman Dub) - Caroline Crawford (YSI)

Finally for tonight, another unreleased Floorman edit, which I did for a trip to Oslo to play at the one and only Nomaden last year (hello Tosh, hello Baktus, hello Rune), as covered by the Klaxons-

The Night (Floorman Edit) - Frankie Valli (YSI)

That's it for tonight, and possibly for the next coupla weeks - heading to the alps this weekend: big snow expected, hoping to stay on my plank of wood more than I fall off - back after Easter.


Anonymous said...

the crawford track is nice and smooth. also nice work on "closer to me", also quite smooth.
nice work.


Anonymous said...

I love this Caroline Crawford edit! Really well done.

Am I imagining things or was there another edit of this floating about somewhere? Maybe an Underdog one?

Would love to feature some of your edits on our blog if you ever feel like sharing.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-post of the Caroline Crawford Edit please. I would really like to hear it....?