Thursday, April 3, 2008

East meets West

Recording a lot of my vinyl onto my laptop recently - been DJing with Traktor Scratch since last summer. Have to say I'm enjoying not carrying huge bags of records around (though selecting tracks isn't as intuitive as flicking through a box of 12"s - especially when tired or worse for wear), and I'm finding a whole new world of mixing possibilities opening up via the instant loop and fx facilities- not to mention the beauty of doing an edit and spinning it the same night via turntables. Must be a lot of dubplate pressing plants going out of business, which is a great shame. I heard this week that Nottingham's just lost a great pressing plant: starting to remind me of 10-15 years ago when everyone confidently predicted the death of vinyl, only to see it flourish once more...

Anyway, here's two tracks that'll always have a home on my drive-

Harvey & Diesel's Moton Edit of East by Billy Paul (YSI)

This takes me back to playing at Tim Lee's Tummy Touch nights at 333, many moons ago. A great edit of an even greater tune.

The Doors - Peacefrog (Floorman extended edit) (YSI)

From around the same time - a cheeky extended intro version of one of The Doors' finest moments from Morrison Hotel.

This week I've been mostly taking the digital razor blade to Roots Manuva's Witness - played a rough version of the edit last saturday night and got a great reaction. It's currently running at over seven minutes, and if the crowd like it this week, it'll be up for grabs next week, either here or via one of the blogs listed on Hype Machine who've asked me for tracks.

Sorry if this post's a bit hazy - too many nights with not enough sleep.

Stay tuned...


vonubeats said...

I'm hyped for the Roots Manuva edit. Your Crawford dub has been on repeat! Thanks!!

vonubeats said...

I'm hyped for your Roots edit. The Crawford dub has been on repeat!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up for 'Peace Frog'? I'd be on that like stink on a monkey!! Keep up the good work. Cheers.