Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Witness The Filthness...

As promised, here's my re-edit of the mighty Witness (One Hope) by Roots Manuva. You can buy the original here (iTunes)

The original is 100% guaranteed dancefloor success. I decided to re-edit it with an extended intro and added filthiness (courtesy of MS20 filter action, studio nerds) after being asked to play it nearly every Saturday night at Dogma for the past two years by ace bar-person Adrian.

There aren't many tunes I can stomach hearing again and again, but this is certainly one of them. Is it sacrilege to mess with a classic like this? You be the judge, this is a DJ extended edit with minor tinkering and sonic trickery - maybe you'd rather I just did the extended edit and didn't mess with the sound of the original? This version has been tweaked and tested for maximum dancefloor effect. Let me know either way...

Witness (Floorman MS20 Edit) by Roots Manuva (YSI)

The cheeky DJ Ayres remix of Work by Masters At Work that's been doing the rounds on Hype Machine is another Saturday night dead cert for me. Ayres takes the track deeper into dancehall territory than before to great effect - his version always ensures much lowdown posterior-wiggling booty action, yes indeed.

As the version I'd got was only 2 1/2 minutes long, I thought I'd extend the mix a bit. Posted here for your pleasure for a limited time only as I'm not sure whether this is available commercially or not (have just checked, there is a vinyl release which can be purchased at the excellent Fat City). Check DJ Ayres website for mixtapes and other download goodies.

Work (DJ Ayres Chinkuzi Remix) (Floorman Extended Edit) by Masters At Work (YSI)


Anonymous said...

I dig your witness edit. As I'm also "addicted" to that classic i could have been severe
Good job. tx

Dave said...

Hi can you please reup. This edit was too good!

Pelski said...

love that Ayres remix

sonichima said...

Hey I want to hear your edit. Can you put it back up ?
I made a version myself using the dub and the original because its such a good tune that it needs to be longer. Can swap versions if our interested ?